Over 35 years of industrial Psychology expertise at your service

Our mission


Design and implement strategies and programs that will optimize the organizational climate and achieve the business plan of our clients.

Provide staff and management selection support services to our clients to ensure they hire and retain top talent.

Our company applies the following values to all its activities

Rigor and objectivity

Our firm, while always remaining flexible, uses a scientific methodology in all of our interventions that ensures our clients of reliable and credible results. “We know where we stand with you!” is a comment that we frequently hear from our clients.

Professionalism and integrity

Our firm’s Managing Partner, Pierre-Alain DuBois Ph.D. (Scol.), is a member of l’Ordre des Psychologues du Québec. Our firm respects the professional ethics of this professional order in its entirety.

Exceptional Service

We are a small firm, but we have access to many successful technologies which permit us to offer our clients an exceptional service. We also offer a psychometric evaluation service within 24 hours, but it is not unusual for us to send out the reports within an hour of receiving the data.

Personal and professional commitment

We make the success of our interventions a personal goal and take the business success of our clients truly to heart.

In partnership with each client and technology transfer

We establish partnership relations with each of our clients, which shows in the many number of years on average that we have been in their service.

We like to explain the technical aspects of our interventions, such as statistical methodologies, so that our clients have a deeper understanding of our methods.

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