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Organizational Culture Measurement and Optimization

Our firm has developed a questionnaire for measuring and optimizing the organizational culture within a company that meets the highest psychological standards.

Our questionnaire for measuring organizational culture has been administered to more than 200,000 Canadian, American and European management staff and employees. It is available in English, Dutch, French, and German.

Developing Organizational Commitment

We have carried out a vast international research program that has helped us to identify the management factors responsible for the development of organizational commitment by personnel. We are, therefore, able to assist companies in measuring and optimizing the organizational commitment of their management staff and employees.

360º Feedback

We have designed a 360° Feedback methodology that has proved to be most successful, as 86% of management effectively improved their performance when measured a second time. We offer a complete methodology for implementing 360° Feedback which includes a valid questionnaire and an individual development strategy and package.

Psychological evaluation of candidates

We have developed a methodology for evaluating the potential of a candidate, which has proven itself in numerous organizations and in all sectors of activity. This methodology is founded on a proven model of individual performance analysis. Our basic tools are the behavioural interview, psychometric tests (aptitude and personality) and an In-basket exercise that evaluates the candidate’s fundamental management skills.

Psychometric evaluation of candidates

To complete your employee selection process for all position levels, we propose an aptitude and personality evaluation of each candidate through the use of highly recognized psychometric tests. The tests we use measure, among others, verbal and numeric aptitudes, as well as degree of leadership, determination, emotional stability and the candidate’s capacity for work. You can select from numerous types of reports, and we have at our disposition general averages to specific functions, as well as specific sectors of activity. Please note that the results of these tests are also pertinent in the process of replacement planning, coaching or personal skills development.

Our research in Organizational Commitment has helped us to identify the psychological characteristics of managers with a strong commitment to the organization. We can evaluate these characteristics with the use of employee selection psychometric tests.

Talent Search

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